Transparency Coalition and Extractive Industries Watch (TCEIW)

 Transparency Coalition and Extractive Industries Watch (TCEIW) is an independent, neutral and non-profit coalition represents a regulatory framework that unites the efforts of CSOs, experts, academics, law and media personnel and other activists seeking to an organized contribution to control of extractive industries, achieve transparency, good use of resources in addition to ensure the right of access to information and freedom of circulation.
The Coalition was founded in October 20, 2009 as a result of a common experience of nine Yemeni CSOs - Human Rights Information and Training Center (HRITC) , Yemen Observatory for Human Rights, Yemeni Parliamentarians Against Corruption, Future Movement, Alamal Center for Transparency and Labor Issues, Felix Foundation for Petroleum Consulting , Social Democratic Forum, Attaghyir for Defending Rights and Freedoms Organization , Legal Assistance and Defending Human Rights Organization .
ý Coalition objectives:
1. To Unite the efforts of civil society organizations to achieve transparency and good use of extractive industries resources (oil - gas - metal ... etc.)
2. To support Yemen transparency Council to be able to achieve the intended goals
3. To introduce the Transparency Initiative in the extractive industries and The importance of accession to the initiative.
4. To Raise community awareness on the importance of good use of resources and achieve effective popular participation.
5. To ensure the right of access to information through legislation and community activities to serve transparency needs and the fight against corruption.
6. To Control activities and work relating to extractive industries and the collection and use of resources
Coalition methodology:
The coalition seeks to achieve its goals through the following means:
1. Build the Institutional capacity, technical and professional skills of the organizations members of the coalition as well as other interested and concerned organizations and individuals.
2. Expand the framework of the coalition and promote relations with other civic organizations and stakeholders for large-scale support and advocacy for objectives of the coalition.
3. Create relations of cooperation and partnership with local, regional and international stakeholders with similar objectives to strengthen the capacity of the coalition, ensuring access to expertise and support.
4. Develop and strengthen the role of civil society in Yemen Transparency Council to implement the provisions of transparency initiative.
5. Collecting, documenting and disseminating information related to the disclosure, conformity and auditing of government's revenues and payments of companies operating in the extractive industries.
6. Monitoring, documenting and reporting corruption in the extractive industries
7. Contribute in the preparation and publication of periodic reports on disclosure, conformity of government's revenues and payments companies operating in the extractive industries.
8. Contribute in developing of national legislation relating to transparency and the right of access to information and anti-corruption
9. Coordinate and improve joint work with media organizations to enhance transparency and ensure the right of access to information
10. Contribute to raise public awareness among citizens on the importance of disclosure and auditing of government's revenues and expenditures, and encourage public debate on this to reach the optimal options for sustainable development.
Coalition structure:
The coalition works through two bodies:
1. The Supreme Council:
The executive and supervisory body that develops the coalition's policies and strategic plans. It consists of nine members representing organizations of the coalition. Decisions are made by an absolute majority and rotating presidency between the founding organizations once every six months.

2. The Secretariat
The administrative body of the coalition elected by the Council among representatives of organizations of the Coalition , in order to facilitate, follow-up and archiving activities, projects and programs of the coalition.
Coalition membership

The Membership of the coalition is voluntary open to new organizations after two operational years for the coalition.
Coalition financial resources
Coalition's resources consist of the annual subscription of members, unconditional donations and grants approved by the Supreme Council. The coalition keeps complete and accurate records on all financial transactions and other activities of the coalition to be available to members and regulatory bodies.
Coalition membership
Transparency Coalition for Extractive Industries Watch is considered to be the National branch of Publish what you Pay(PWYP).
Publish What You Pay (PWYP) is a global civil society coalition that campaigns for transparency in the payment, receipt and management of revenues from the oil, gas and mining industries.
The Coalition is represented by a wide range of human rights, development, environmental and faith-based groups around the world. There are also PWYP national coalitions in roughly 30 countries across five continents.
(PWYP) calls for companies to “publish what you pay” and for governments to “publish what you earn” as a necessary first step towards a more accountable system for the management of natural resource wealth.
All those who qualify for membership must be committed to the objectives and obligations of the coalition as well as pay a membership fee.




  • Apr 22, 2010