Oxfam Yemen Situation Report

In response to the current crisis Oxfam has
supported 348,733 individuals

Hajjah and Al Hudaydah
Oxfam in Hajjah and Al Hudaydah have now provided 249,319 people with safe and clean water. This includes both internally displaced people as well as people living in the host communities. Complementing this, Oxfam is doing public health promotion, constructing latrines and distributing hygiene and shelter kits that include items like kitchen utensils, soap, cleaning products.

In Amran, Oxfam has provided safe and clean water to 47,015 people in 106 locations and 143 distribution points in the Huth, Khamir and Al-Qaflah districts. Each person is receiving approximately 14 liters per day.

Oxfam started providing drinking water to 9,000 people in Taiz through suppliers and volunteers as the trapped residents are in desperate need for water. The teams trucked water to 1,007 people, 4,104 people received Hygiene kits and Oxfam launched solid waste management activities expected to reach 50,000 people for IDPs and host community in  Al-Shamayatayn district.

Procurement process started to support Aden Local Water & Sanitation Corp. to provide water to 800,000 people.  Coordination continues to support water services for Lahj, Abyan and Al Dhali’e


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  • Nov 11, 2015