Yemen’s membership in Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative Frozen

Yemen Parliamentarians against Corruption (PAC) and the Studies and Economic Media Center, in collaboration with the US State Department, conducted a training workshop on the enhancement of transparency in extractive industries in Yemen, which was meant for the representatives of oversight bodies, civil society, news organizations, and competent government authorities.

In his keynote address to the participants, PAC’s Chairman, Dr. Abdul Bari Al-Dughaish, affirmed that the function is aimed at building the capacities of the institutions that exercise oversight over extractive industries within the framework of the project on the consolidation of transparency in extractive industries undertaken by the two outfits.
He demanded that a borderline be drawn between the public and private funds-a longtime dream which Yemeni youth sought to fulfill when they triggered their revolution of February 2011.
For his part, Mustafa Nassr, SEMC’s Chairman, indicated that Yemen’s oil revenues, the government’s main source of income, have dropped 50% over the past three years. He regretted that the natural resources are running short due to the mushrooming corruption that erodes into this sector, with citizens taking the brunt of its negative effects.
He underlined that the drive enabled oversight agencies, civil society and local communities to identify corruption and irregularities in the extractive industries sector based on authentic and thorough information.
The program involves carrying out several studies, disclosing numerous data on Yemen’s extractive industries and sharing same with the community, in addition to building the capacities of media professionals and CSOs in terms of overseeing transparency in extractive industries and overhauling relevant legislation.


  • Mar 18, 2015