SEMC Criticizes the ignorance of the civil society and the private sector of Economic Commission

 Studies & Economic Media Center (SEMC) Criticizes government's decision to form a committee to study the economic and financial situation of quotas partisan manner and representatives of the government and  exclusion of any representation for the civil society and the private sector.

In a press release, the center has clarified that it was expected too much from the economic committee, which included peace agreement and partnership signed by the political forces. Pointing out that there is derogation of the target was created for the Commission in the first place that to get out with  a comprehensive program and detailed, clear and chronic economic reform. Primarily aimed to dry up the sources of corruption in all sectors and to address the imbalances of the general budget and rationalize spending . Also  committee identifies imbalances resulting from rampant corruption and mismanagement, and propose solutions with the new government for the required comprehensive reforms in the sectors of oil and energy in a way that achieve the people's demands and aspirations
Center pointed out that the names declared in the membership of the committee were mostly members of the government and they are part of the economic failure experienced by Yemen, surprising how for those diagnosed fact neutrality and put treatments for economic problems suffered by the Yemeni economy while they are part of existing situation manufacturing.
SEMC expressed astonishment that the government makes a decision of this kind and memorandum of understanding (MOU) has been signed recently to engage the private sector in economic growth investigation, the agreements signed between the government and the private sector in Washington before two Weeks ago
Yemen faces significant economic challenges with the lower of oil revenues, which constitutes 70% of the state budget to 40%, and the poverty rate rose to 54% according to official statistics in Yemen.




  • Dec 01, 2014