Studies & Economic Media Center (SEMC) : Declare the Draft of Social Security

 Studies & Economic Media Center (SEMC) has launched  the Draft Declaration of Social Security project according to the outputs of the national dialogue and advocacy campaign of the law to all parties concerned, in cooperation with the German Friedrich Ebert Foundation.

In the opening, the head of the center, Mr. Mostafa Nasr said the social security draft law came as a summary of discussions with experts in all concerned of social security in Yemen , taking advantage of the experiences of many countries in the world in the social security sector, and seeks to identify the mechanism of Insurance Authority following the merger of the Public Institution for insurance with the Public  Authority for insurance according to the outputs of the national dialogue, and added legislation Organization of the new branches of insurance provided in the document of national dialogue. He Reviewed the three phases of the social security sector reform in Yemen, which was carried out by the center in collaboration with the Foundation, including the diagnosis of the reality of civil-military institutions, insurance and foreseeing the future, and put visions for the development of their work in the light output of the national dialogue conference.
The director of the program in German Friedrich Ebert Foundation, Mahmoud Kieh clarified  that the institution which is working on the deployment of social justice in Yemen has placed within its strategy in Yemen broaden the base of social protection, which is supposed to be guaranteed to every citizen in Yemen. He emphasized the importance of this program, which lasted over three years, pointing out many of the imbalances faced by the insurance institutions and the lack of access of the money that taken by those institutions that invested mostly in treasuries with an  interest rate does not exceed 1%.
The expert in the field of social security publisher, Nasher Al-absy, made a  presentation for the social security project benefiting from the outputs of the workshops and discussions organized by the Centre with the experts during the past few months.
Also Dr. Mohammed Alaadi has moderated session discussions to enrich the draft law, which was attended by a number of experts and specialists in the social security sector.
The symposium of  the Draft Declaration of Social Security opening is an advocacy campaign for the draft law at the National Commission to follow up the implementation of the outputs of the national dialogue and Chamber of Deputies and the Shura Council with the participation of civil society and the media. The campaign aims to further enrichment of the law and its adoption by the Yemeni parliament to implement the outputs of the national dialogue conference.
The enhancement community control on the social security  sector Project which is implemented by the center in collaboration with the Friedrich Ebert Foundation of Germany included three stages of seeking to reform the social security sector and the promotion of social protection.
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Source: Studies and economic media center


  • Oct 23, 2014