Observers Alliance releases its final monitory report on implementing NDC outcomes

Earlier today, Observers Alliance – a civil coalition to monitor implementing NDC (National Dialogue Conference) outcomes – had a press conference to release its final monitory report on implementing NDC outcomes of four cases: The Southern Issue, Good Governance, Rights and Freedoms and Sustained Development.

During the conference, Mr. Mohammed Al-Shargabi; Alliance Program Coordinator emphasized on the fact that absence of political will by different parties caused the slowness of NDC outcomes’ implementation, pointing out that current conflicts in Yemen are mainly caused by this slowness. He clarified that Observers Alliance’s final report released today is a sum of 4 monitory reports produced by the monitoring experts of the alliance; SEMC (Studies and Economic Media Center), Al-Badeel Center for Media and Development, and Observers Organization for Independent Media.
He also emphasized that the alliance is willing to expand its activity in the upcoming stage, especially after being invited by other CSOs to join a joint-venture efforts aiming at monitoring the implementation of mentioned outputs, professionally and neutrally.
Alliance’s final report showed that most of the procedures and results with regard to implementation of three cases (Good Governance, Rights and Freedoms, and Sustained Development) count into the number zero (0), with a slight exception in the case of “Southern Issue” where there was a partial implementation of %10, achieved mainly because of political pressure accompanied to this case, not necessarily because of the initial need to implement the outcomes in the first place.
Mr. Sameer Hasan, Chairman of Al-Badeel Center stated that slowness in procedures regarding implementation is the main cause in Yemen’s current instability. He pointed out that alliance’s final report – covering the period from the end of NDC until the 9th of September – showed there must be an urgency in implementing the outcomes in order to ease on the current crisis, and create a common ground for the different parties, benefiting all the Yemeni citizens.

Mr. Emad Al-Dini; Chairman of Observers Organization of Independent Media, pointed out to the efforts of the Yemeni President Abd Rabu Mansour Hadi in facilitating the implementation of outputs, but the contraposition of “oil mafia and some strong influencers” that work against implementation cause unrest and instability in governorates especially Hadramawt, in order to flop efforts of transforming Yemen into a federal state.
He also pointed out that alliance’s final report showed that only %10 of the 31 Points of the Southern Issue were implemented although they are the foundation stone of NDC outcomes, emphasizing on the need to speed up the process of implementing outcomes, especially designation of Southern figures into the %50 scheme of authority’s sovereign positions that was agreed upon, and issued a decree by the cabinet (ministers council).
Observers Alliance is a civil, neutral coalition that consists of 3 CSOs in Sana’a, Aden and Hadramawt respectively: Studies and Economic Media Center (SEMC), Al-Badeel Center for Media and Development, and Observers Organization for Independent media. This alliance aims at monitoring and measuring the extent of implementation to NDC’s outputs to the before mentioned 4 cases: the Southern Issue, Good Governance, Rights and Freedoms, and Sustainable Development.

  • Sep 14, 2014