The business and investment climate for private sector actors in Yemen has long been challenging.

  • Sep 09, 2019

 A new World Bank policy report urges developing countries and international development agencies to rethink their approach to governance, as a key to overcoming challenges related to security, growth, and equity.

  • Feb 01, 2017

 Ongoing conflict is devastating Yemen. Humanitarian partners now estimate that 21.2 million people – or 82 per cent of the population – require some kind of humanitarian assistance to meet their basic needs or protect their fundamental rights. The severity of needs among vulnerable people has also intensified across sectors.

  • Aug 06, 2016

Yemen, once known as “Happy Arabia”, may be heading towards famine in one of the biggest crises of our time. Of its 24 million people, over 80% are in need of assistance in order to survive.

  • Jul 20, 2016

CONFLICT RELATED: The 9th report affirms a population of concern, in connection with the ongoing conflict, of 2,818,072 individuals. This is composed of 2,053,093 IDPs who remain in a situation of displacement across 21 governorates, mainly in Taizz, Hajjah, Sana’a, and 764,979 IDPs who have been tracked as having returned to or within 19 governorates, mainly in Aden, Amanat Al Asimah and Lahj.

  • Jul 15, 2016