Peace-Building in Yemen

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 (Not Edited) Economic Observatory for Studies and Consultancy in cooperation with the German Friedrich-Ebert organized a seminar entitled "Peace-Building in Yemen", this seminar aimed to promote national cohesion and to look forward for a better future and prepare for the next phase that requires concerted efforts.

Professor Yahya Almutawakel chairman of Economic Observatory in his speech during the opening talked about the concept of peace-building, followed by a paper presented by Dr. Taha Alfusail entitled building responsive state.
For his part, Mr. Nabil Al-Tairi in his working paper talked about the reconstruction of Yemen absorbing the lessons and learning from other experiences.
Dr. Ali Saif Koulaib presented a paper about the requirements of Yemen's economic recovery, in addition to other two working papers on Social Peace presented by Dr. Abdulwadod Al-Zubairi and Mrs. Eiman Sharian.

The seminar was enriched with many interventions regarding the current economic situation and the difficulties that accompanied it, all participants agreed upon the need for political agreement and to put the supreme interest of the citizen above all political considerations.
The event was attended by Mr. Mahmoud Qaiyah the FES project manager and a number of academics and specialists from various government agencies.

 Working papers (Arabic):

Build Responsive State by Dr. Taha A. Alfusail

Reconstructions in Yemen: Learning from Experiences by Mr. Nabil Al-Tairi

Requirements of Yemen's Economic Recovery by Dr. Ali Saif Koulaib

Restore Social Peace in Yemen by Mrs. Eiman Sharianand with other researchers

  International Experiences in Restoring Social Peace by Dr. Abdulwadod Al-Zubairi


  • Oct 06, 2016
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