Political Transition in Yemen 2011-2015

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 (Not Edited) Economic Observatory for Studies & Consultancy arrange in cooperation with the German Friedrich Ebert Foundation in Sana'a seminar about Political Transition in Yemen 2011-2015.
At the opening of the seminar chairman of Economic Observatory prof. Yahya Almutawakel pointed out that Yemen ranks among countries with a protracted conflict which can be resolved without going back to its roots.

He also pointed out that usually the political side is taking all attention, stressing the need to deal with all other aspects as well and search for radical solutions, which is what this seminar is trying to achieve, which focused on the period 2011-2015 with all preparation of thematic papers and keeping away from prejudice.

For his part, Mahmoud Qaiyah project manager of FES -Sana’a office- explained that the economic dimension is one of Yemen's most important challenges faced by the country as a result of political and security instability and internal wars, most notably the six wars in Saada and the terrorist attacks.
He also pointed out that economic crisis reflected on the social conditions and ill-equitable distribution of wealth and the decline of the development and failing to alleviate poverty and the lack of success of  five-year plans to achieve its goals strategies.. stressing that any political success depends on the economic success under  a democratic system and the weakness of the economy causes  low income for the government.

At the discussion five worksheets were reviewed in two separate sessions of political, social and humanitarian dimensions, where Dr. Adnan Al-Maktari discussed at the first working paper The Process of Political Transition in the Period 2011-2015 and its effects on society and order and the political components.

The second working paper presented by Dr. Suhair Atef summarized Conflicts and their Impact on Social Fabric, then third paper dealt with Assess of The Humanitarian Situation in Yemen, in the same period by Mrs. Eiman Sharian.
In the second session under the title of (The Economic and Development Dimensions) Dr. Taha Alfusail  present working paper on Failure of Policies and Plans in the Economic and Social Development, while Mr. Mansoor Albashiri addressed in another worksheet about Development and Foreign Aid.


Seminar reportage:


Working papers (Arabic):

The Political Transition Process - Dr. Adnan Y. Al-Maktari

Conflicts and their Impact on Social Fabric - Dr. Suhair Ali Atef

Assess the Humanitarian Situation in Yemen - Ms. Eiman Sharian

Failure of Policies and Plans in the Economic and Social Development - Dr. Taha A. Alfusail

Development and foreign aid - Mr. Mansour Ali Bashiri



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