Executive Staff

Professor Yahya Y. Almutawakel - Chairman

Dr. Yahya Y. Almutawakel is currently chairing the Economic Observatory for Studies and Consultancy (EOSC) a non-profit think tank, and chairs the Board of Trustees of the Yemeni Academy for Graduate Studies (YAGS). He continues to hold his position as Professor of Economics at Sana’a University, the leading university in Yemen, and writes in national journals on various issues including economic policy.

Between 2000 to 2004, Dr. Almutawakel held various expert positions within the Ministry of Planning such as Senior Poverty Expert, Head of the Poverty Follow-Up and Monitoring Unit and Senior Planning Expert for the National Development Plan and the Poverty Reduction Strategy.

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Dr. Almutawakel also worked as consultant for many donor agencies in Yemen, and contributed to producing major documents and policy frameworks on behalf of those agencies. He also undertook various field and sectoral research work and published many articles on economic issues in local and regional academic journals, as well as served as the Editor of the first three National Human Development Reports.

Dr. Almutawakel participated in many events and conferences in the Middle East, Europe, Asia and the USA; presenting working papers on various development issues, in particular on economic reforms and human development.

Dr. Almutawakel has been entrusted with several high level Government posts, the last of which was Minister of Industry & Trade (April 2007 - January 2011), and Vice Minister of Planning and International Cooperation (August 2005 - April 2007). He was advisor to the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation from 2002 to 2005, and before that advisor to the Minister of Industry and Trade, from 1999 to 2002. In his government capacity, he was directly engaged in Yemen's negotiations with the Gulf Cooperation Council, with a view to qualify Yemen for GCC membership; in addition to leading Yemen’s accession to the WTO.

Dr. Almutawakel is a holder of a Ph.D. degree in Economics from the University of East Anglia in Norwich (England), with major in Industrial Economics and International Trade. He earned an M.A. in Development Economics from the University of Maryland – College Park (USA); and a B.A. in Economics and Political Science from Sana'a University (Yemen).

Mailing Contacts:
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P.O.Box: 13809 Maeen Post Office, Sana’a
Office: (967-1) 494525
Fax: (967-1) 494524
Mobile: (967) 777270019


Dr. Taha Ahmed Al-Fosaiel - Member

Dr. Taha Ahmed Al-Fussail is associate professor of economics at Sana'a University. He has deep understanding of Economic, financial and governance reforms in Yemen with more than 14 years of experience these areas and related fields.

Dr. AL-Fussail worked as an economist and advisor at the Customs Authority, the Ministry of Planning & International Cooperation, and Ministry of Industry and Trade, respectively from 2003 to 2010. He has 10 years of experience in preparing, assessing and following up national and regional development plans and strategies including participating in drafting the Third Socio-economic development plan for Poverty Reduction (2006-10), assessing the Second Socio-economic Development Plan (2001-05), preparing annual progress reports for the Poverty Reduction Strategy, and drafting development plans of 16 governorates in Yemen with society participation.

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Dr. Al-Fussail has good network with the public sector, private sector, and civil society. He is an active member of the business community and member of the Cooperative Governance's task force of Yemeni Businessmen Club.

He has led several quantitative and qualitative research, including research design, project management, quality assurance, data analysis, report preparation, and findings presentation. He also participated in providing tailor-made training courses on economic and planning issues to several organizations.

Dr. Al-Fussail has a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Suez Canal in Egypt and MA from Cairo University. He also took qualified courses in DEA studies from France. Dr. Al-Fussail earned his BA in economics and political science from Sana'a University in 1984. Dr. Al-Fussail has published many studies and is also a frequent writer and commentator on economic issues.


Dr. Latifa Ismail Al Thawr - Member

is associate professor and researcher in economics and human development. She is member of the academic union and also of the Research and Studies Center for Gender and Development at Sana’a University. Dr. Latifa lectures in Economics, Management and Marketing in many government and private universities. She has previously worked as Director of the Project Management and Loans and also Vice-Chairman of the team of the preparation of the Annual Statistics report at the Ministry of Planning & International Cooperation.

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Dr. Latifa has presented a number of economic and development studies and has participated in many conferences, seminars and workshops held in the country and abroad. Her interest is on the role of investment policies in human development, integration of women in development, unemployment in the Arab countries, sources of income diversification in Yemen, regional disparities in human development, and the impact of Yemen's accession to the World Trade Organization.

Dr. Latifa has a PhD in Economics on Investment Policies & Human Development from Alexandria University in Egypt, and a Master's degree on International Trade from the same university. She got her BA in Economics & Political Science in 1986 from Sana'a University.


  Dr. Mohammed Shamsan Alqaheri - Member

Dr. Mohammed Alqaheri is an economist with special experience in evaluation of public policies and programs.
He holds a PHD in economics from Mopoliee, France and a Masters degree for evaluators in public administration from the national school for public administration in Quebec (Canada).

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He has worked as a post graduate researcher in the public administration center in Laval of Quebec, and has produced many articles and research papers, in addition to various essays on the Yemeni economic and political context published in the Yemeni newspapers and e-media.

Mr. Alqaheri worked at the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation as head of international cooperation with Europe between 1993-1995. He also lectures in some private universities.

Dr. Alqaheri is a political activist supporting the youth revolution in 2011.


Dr. Ali Saif Abdo Kolaib - Member

Dr. Ali Saif Koulaib is Assistant Professor of Economics, who earned his Ph.D in Economics from University of Cairo in 2008. His thesis covered the Impact of Yemen’s Joining the World Trade Organization on Services. He lectures International Trade and International Finance. He participates in many conferences and workshops in the country and abroad commenting on several researches and professional papers.

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Dr. Koulaib contributed to many field studies and has written many academic articles of which 3 were published, as well as supervises a number of MA thesis. He has conducted and participated in training, mainly targeting Civil Society Organizations and Specialized Study Centers.

Dr. Koulaib took courses in Education Strategies, Learning Techniques and Evaluation Methods, Preparation of Educational Curriculum, Investing in building Arab Integrity”, in addition to courses in computer programs (E-Views) and several English Language Courses.


Dr. Abdulwadod Sharaf Al-Zubairi - Member

Dr. Abdul Wadod Sharaf Al-Zubairi born on 15/4/1964 in …… is Director General of Economic Studies since 2013 and has occupied various positions at the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation; most important was General Manager of International Economic Studies (2006 – 2012) and General Manager of Studies & Researches ( 1999- 2006), in addition to his experience in working with the private sector and in budgeting and preparing financial situation of companies.

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Dr. Al-Zubairi has particpated in many technical committees and contributed to preparing many economic reports at the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation, apart from seting sectoral plans, strategies and assessment reports that were presented in conferences and seminars. During his higher education, he conducted more than 10 research papers covering various issues among which were: the energy crisis in developing countries, Problems of industrialization in developing countries and Conditions for trade and economic development. Dr. Al-Zubairi has published articles in economic journals.

Dr. Al-Zubairi holds a Phd. in Economics from Assuit University in Egypt (2012) and earned his MA on  Industrial Planning from Alexandria University (1993). He attended many Training Programs abroad; most important were: “ Reserch Team Managment” Assuit University - January 2012, “ International Investment Agreements in Indian Institute of Foreign Trade - November 2002,  “ Usage of Macro-Economic Models in Analyzing and Evaluating of the Economic policies in Arab countries“ in Kuwait – April 1996; “Economic Reform Policies“ in Kuwait – October 1998. Of the local training programs were “ Basic Trade Policy and WTO Negotiations” in August 2003, “Managing Foreign Indebtedness & Applying DSMplus System” in June 2003 and “Macroeconomic Analyses” in June 2002.


Mr. Ali A. Dahhaq - Executive Director (on leave)

Mr. Dahhaq is the executive director of the EOSC and an economist with rich experience in strategic planning, setting of development priorities, impact assessment of development projects, as well as a coach in gender empowerment and equity, promotion of community - based initiatives and activation of voluntary work of civil society organizations.

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He has been entrusted for more than 9 years with different posts in the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation, started as an economic researcher at the UNDP funded project “poverty monitoring Unit”, then Acting Director of monitoring and evaluation of development plans, and lastly head of the monitoring and evaluation of development plans (2008-2011).

Mr. Dahhaq has been engaged in freelance assignments in favor of some international organizations, most notably the establishment of a monitoring and evaluation of the National Strategy for Children and Youth, evaluation of the Responsiveness program with USAID, evaluation of KAB program with the International Labour Organization, and the development of a strategic vision for civil society organizations in the national dialogue, in addition to training and rehabilitation of 500 women for the National Dialogue Conference.

Mr. Dahhaq holds a master degree in public administration from University of Jordan, with a thesis on local administration and its relation to development throughout successive eras of the Yemeni State.


Mr. Kamal Sultan Alkhameri

Mr. Alkhameri is an economist and a specialist in international trade, especially in the WTO affairs since 2005. He is currently the Director General for Trade Agreements and Areas in the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

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He has mainly contributed in preparation of many official documents related to Yemen Accession to the WTO, and also worked as a WTO Secretariat Staff ( in Geneva from April 2010 to January 2011).

Mr. Al-Khameri obtained his Bachelor degree from Sana'a University and then obtained a Masters degree from Jordan University. He participated in several in country and external courses on WTO Agreements and negotiating skills, and also has earned a diploma on Trade Policy from the WTO.


Mr. Abdulmajeed Al-Shaikh Ali Al-Batuly - Member

Mr. Abdulmajeed is a National Expert in Planning & Policy Development. He worked as Director General of Economic Models & Forecasts in the Ministry of Planning & International Cooperation from July 2007. He also headed the Policy Unit at the same Ministry from March 2009 to March 2013. He has worked as  Economic Researcher Assistant in the Poverty Reduction Strategy Follow up and Monitoring Unit during 2004 to 2006. He was also a Teaching Assistant in the Faculty of Commerce &Economics at Sana’a University between 2003 and 2009, where he taught Microeconomics, Macroeconomic, Money & Banking, and Mathematical economics.

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Mr. Al-Batuly's major strength is to run economic models,  study policy options and make forecasting, of which using RMSM-X Module (WB model), Oil Model and Poverty Projection Module. He also has good background about running the IMF model, and CGE model, MAMS Model and Eviews…etc.

His major responsibility has been to prepare and evaluate Development Plans, worth mentioning leading technical teams to prepare General Goals and Macro Policies of the Transitional Program for Stabilization & Development 2012-2014, preparing the macroeconomic framework and policies of the 4th Socio-Economic Development Plan 2011-2015, the Medium-Term review of Macroeconomic Framework of the Third Development Plan for Poverty Reduction 2006-2010. He has been instrumental in preparing development reports, such as reviewing the Social Protection Monitoring Survey 2012-2013, the Child Friendly Budgeting Study 2013, the Second National MDGs Report, the Fourth Integrated Social Policy Report in ESCWA region, 2011, the National Human Development Report 2003-2004.

Mr. Al battaly has a Bachelor’s degree in Economics from Sana’a University in 2002. He is currently pursuing an MSc in Economics, Faculty of Commerce &Economics, Sana’a University, and a Master in Public Governance in the Arab World, Granada University, Spain, 2013-2014. He has good command in English and in computer skills.

He has attended a good number of training courses, in addition to participating in many workshops, seminars and conferences locally and abroad, where he presented working papers. He has also been in various official delegations including Friends of Yemen and donor meetings.


Ms. Eiman A. Sharian- Member

Eiman Sharian is a development expert who started her profession as an economic researcher in the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation. She also worked as a consultant for UNDP in the Advisory Support Project for the Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation, and later as National Coordinator of the Integrated Vision of Education in Yemen Project funded by the World Bank.

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Ms. Sharian participated in the preparation of many national reports, including the National Millennium Development Goals Report of 2010, the National Human Development Report of 2013 and the annual economic reports since 2008. She also participated in the preparation of the 2010 national report on "Fast-track to achieve the Millennium Development Goals", "The post 2015 Millennium Development Goals" and the overall framework for "The Program of Development and Stability 2012-2014”.

In the academic and research side, Ms. Sharian worked as teaching assistant in Macroeconomics and in Money and Banking at the University of Science and Technology. She has also prepared many studies and research in monetary and banking and development fields, in addition to presenting working papers in many workshops and conferences in the areas of economic development and human development.
Ms. Sharian holds an MA in economics from Sana'a University in 2010 and earned her BA in accounting also from Sana'a University in 1999.


Mr. Amer Ahmed Ali - Projects Director

Mr. Ali is a specialist in International Trade, particularly trade in services. He participated in and contributed to the process of Yemen's accession to WTO, achieved in December 2013. He also contributed to reviewing Draft working party reports, and was a member of the legislation committee which reviewed and amended Yemeni laws and regulation to comply with WTO agreements. He was also a member of the team entrusted with setting technical requirements for importing used machinery.

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Currently, Mr. Ali is a holder of a Ba in Accounting and is the Projects' Officer at the EOSC. He is also working on different WTO issues including services such as GSPs’ Rules of Origin and RTAs issues. Mr. Ali has participated in several local and external WTO courses including Advanced Trade Policy Course in Geneva, as well as other regional courses.

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