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The Economic Observatory for Studies and Consultancy )EOSC) was granted permit no. 841 as a non-profit organization by the Ministry of Social Affairs & Labor on 3rd of July 2012. EOSC as an independent “think tank” comprises a group of academia in economic and social disciplines in addition to senior and junior researchers who work in different government and non government agencies. It also allows membership to those who desire to benefit from EOSC’s activities through a promotion scale.

EOSC has links with various active entities such as government agencies, international organizations, private sector and civil society. EOSC is concerned with economic and social studies and looks to means of improving in country research to assist in seeking solutions to the many problems and obstacles facing Yemen’s development.  



EOSC has been established to contribute to rationalizing economic decisions, in particular through highlighting to the government and its various agencies as well as to society at large the importance of those decisions and their impact on socio economic development and on the political life in the country. Such decisions need to be supported by the necessary studies and research in all fields, and carried out by qualified researchers empowered by series of data and reliable statistics.



EOSC intends to contribute to achieving a quantum leap in the economic and social studies and research, specifically relating to planningand future implications of the policies on the economy and environment. It is of utmost importance to address all challenges and obstacles in the pursuit of sustainable development that balances between economic and social aspects and to ensure social justice as a major anchor to economic and social stability. In this respect, EOSC encourages studies and research through providing training to university graduates and government staff, in addition to upgrading capacity and skills of researchers in research centers and institutes, as well as assist them in conducting their own studies and research and publishing them. EOSC also seeks to promote interest for data bases as crucial sources for information to all studies and research.



Sincerity: As long as guided by dedication to work one must reach the very day of hope. (AbuAtahyah).

Perfection: "Allah Almighty loves when one of you does it well". (Prophet Mohammed).

Cooperation: maximizing effort, saving time and accomplishing work in the best form.

Openness: equal opportunities and respect for others without disrupting their role.

Cooperation and openness lead to innovation and culture blend that embrace the positive and discard the negative.



Based on its vision and mission, EOSC seeks to achieve the following objectives:

- Observe and monitor domestic, regional and international economic developments and assess their impact on the national economy.

- Contribute to raising awareness on economic and social aspects.

- Encourage research and studies.

- Enhance cooperation with government, businesses, research centers, universities and relevant civil society organizations.



- Study economic topics and issues, especially those related to key challenges facing the country.

- Envisage a future economic vision, and continue to propose strategies and policies to address difficulties and problems encountering the national economy and society.

- Contribute to the various studies and economic research by providing necessary feedback.

- Provide advice and support to decision-making circles.

- Offer consultancy services in various economic fields.

- Establish solid and diverse databases on the national economy.

- Issue reports and periodical bulletins and booklets on key and important issues.

- Publish books and studies on various economic fields.

- Organize economic events and participate in those hosted locally and abroad.

- Conduct training courses in various economic fields.

- Embrace young researchers and encourage them into professional research.

- Undertake public opinion polls and study its trends.

  • Sep 26, 2013